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This Offer Expires on July 30, 2009. Please check back for future offers.

List A Buy 1 Perfumes   List B Get 1 Free Perfumes
ZINO DAVIDOFF For Men 125 ML Eau De Toilette Spray, 125 ML   ZINO DAVIDOFF For Men 125 ML Eau De Toilette Spray
125 ML.
Our Price: 157.50 DHS ($42.88)
Mont Blanc Individuel for Men 75ML Eau De Toilette Spray, 75ML   Mont Blanc Individuel for Men 75ML Eau De Toilette Spray
Our Price: 189.00 DHS ($51.46)

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Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer – Discount Perfumes

Fragrant Bargains: Promises of “buy one, get one free” are tempting in any item category, but fragrant bargains netting two bottles of your favorite scents seems almost decadent. When you buy UAE discount perfumes or colognes and get one bottle free, you have two choices. You can give one as a gift and keep one for yourself, or you can secretly keep both of them. We won’t tell anyone.

Essence of Quality: Just because something is sold at a discount doesn’t tell you anything about the product. You can buy discount perfume Emirates residents pride themselves on, because the brands are the very best the world of perfumes and colognes has to offer. Just go ahead and congratulate yourself on finding one of life’s pleasures at a great price.

One-Plus-One for Men: Finding gifts for men can be a challenge, but when you choose mens cologne the challenge suddenly seems to disappear. In fact, you can deliver a one-two punch to your gift list by selecting a bottle of cologne and getting a second bottle free.

Birthday Gifts for Her: Special Gifts for the Discerning Woman

One-Plus-One for Women: You’re shopping for a perfumed birthday gift and find yourself tempted to get one for personal use instead. You’re human after all and the tempting call of brand name perfumes is just too much for any woman to resist. So go ahead and indulge in a Dubai perfume! You can buy two bottles for the price of one: keep one and give one away.

Twice the Scent: Everyone appreciates a bargain, but there is something extra delightful about buying a designer brand fragrance and getting two for the price of one. When you need birthday gifts for her, shoppers can get incredible value for their money. Some people consider perfumes and colognes to be a luxury, but plenty of buyers know it’s the luxury items that add a special something to life. So when you can buy the top quality perfume bottles Dubai offers or colognes for men, treat yourself to a luxury, and also get a great price for the very best fragrances….life seems much gentler, kinder, and sweeter.