(a) When will my order arrive to the recipient?

You can track your order in the Customer Service section of our site. Simply enter your order number and your order status will be displayed online. If the order is placed before 5pm UAE time, then the order is delivered on the next day. Otherwise, you may select day after tomorrow's date for delivery. For orders placed after 5pm Thursday, the earliest delivery date is Sunday. Public holidays are exceptions and require a minimum of two days for delivery. Note that we do not deliver on public holidays. Friday deliveries are not possible as our offices are closed on Fridays. If you have any specific questions about your order, please contact us.

(b) What measures are taken so that my order arrives in proper condition?

All products on PurplePerfume.ae are either delivered via PurplePerfume.ae's own courier vans, or through FEDEX. Every necessary measure is taken to ensure that the product arrives to the recipient in pristine condition. If a product is damaged upon arrival, please contact a customer service representative immediately for assistance.

(c) Can my order be delivered today?

No, Same day delivery is not available. You can contact to customer service for more help.

(d) Is it safe to use my credit card online?

All credit card information is processed securely using GeoTrust's SSL certificates, which follow world-class standards in online credit card protection. Because the credit card information is collected and processed on the secure servers of a large national bank, customers can rest assured that their credit card information will not be mishandled.

(e) Will my contact information be kept confidential?

PurplePerfume.ae keeps customer information completely confidential. Our company does not share customers' personal information for third-party use or sell it to advertising agencies. In the event of a legal requirement, fraud, or law-enforcement request, your personal information may be shared upon request from the relevant authorities. For a complete description of our privacy policy, please read our Terms of Use in the Customer Service section.

(f) Why did PurplePerfume.ae decide to go online?

At Purpleperfume.ae, we place a top priority on convenience as well as quality. We feel that online shopping is the quickest way for customers to browse products, as well as the most convenient way to purchase them. When our customers enjoy orders from the comfort of home, they need not stand in line, carry bulky products, or experience disappointment when an item is out of stock. When a customer places an order with us, confirmation of the order arrives immediately. UAE shopping has always been a favorite activity of our customers, and the convenience of online purchases makes it even more enjoyable

(g) Are the perfumes 100% genuine? Why are the prices so low?

All perfumes on PurplePerfume.ae are 100% genuine. This is our guarantee. Perfumes on PurplePerfume.ae are cheaper than retail mall prices because perfume stores in the malls are factoring in the high cost of rents. PurplePerfume.ae therefore offers a much better value for your purchase because you get the exact same 100% genuine perfumes for a fraction of the retail mall price.


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